Knowing how to generate leads online can mean the difference between a thriving business and one that just squeaks by.  Apply the tips in these videos to learn just one easy, free way to generate free leads online on autopilot.

 If you have been following my Take It Online Blueprint, then you have a good understanding of:

And you should already have these pieces in place.

Now we need to get traffic to the capture page and start building our list of targeted leads.

I am going to show you how to generate leads online using YouTube. This is the quickest and easiest way to rank YouTube videos (so you can start driving targeted leads to your capture page).

I like to call this strategy Youtubia. A bit of a play on words. (My 10 year old daughter is into fairy tales, unicorns and pixies.)

We can have our own little perfect lead utopia called Youtubia.

Learn How to Generate Leads Online for Free

You are now entering YouTubia:

Start with this stuff in mind (part 1/2):

Watch this video to find out which 6 free tools you can use to implement this strategy.

Hint: YouTube is one :-)



Then watch this sample video that I made:

Short and sweet…


Then check out how to put the finishing touches on your videos.


Remember the following to give your videos the best chance at ranking.

  • Don’t over-think this. Focus on one message to share.
  • Volume, volume, volume. Cover ALL your related keywords.
  • Keep it short, add some value, include clear call-to-action.
  • It doesn’t have to cure cancer just make it helpful.
  • Stuff your main keyword everywhere (title of video, title in YouTube, description, tags) or you won’t rank.
  • Consider adding an annotation that highlights URL.
  • Self-promote. Get your peeps to watch, like, share, subscribe.
  • Fiverr is optional, but it works. Split-test gigs and scale what works.

Watch my SECRETS exposed video while you’re waiting.

Your Youtubia Tour Guide,

Niquelle Wright

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