The Official DS Domination Review – so official it might as well be stamped by the FDA, FTC, USDA and the TSA.

My name is Niquelle Wright and I’m here to shed some light on the pros and cons of this thing called DS (Drop Ship) Domination.

DS Domination offers training and tools that the regular person can use to make money online from home without all the headaches like:

  • Having home parties
  • Getting bogged down with building a website or blog,
  • Recruiting a huge team
  • Learning lots of marketing strategies
  • Need to physically handle any product.

Because. Let’s face it.  You need some money now.

You pick products to sell ( the training covers how to do it in a minute or two).

You create the ads for the product and place them in huge established markets where millions of customers already shop daily.

DSD uses drop ship companies and cost offset model. A drop ship company manages inventory, packing, shipping and returns of the product.  They are experts at getting millions or billions of products to millions of households every day.

Your job is to advertise the products in the right place so that buyers can find it.

Your buyers have their credit card in hand.  They sit down at the computer to find what they need and…

They purchase it.  From you.

You order it from the drop ship company.

You pay with the money that the buyer already provided.

The drop shipper fulfills the order.

You keep the difference.


Can you make money on eBay?

You don’t know me from a can of paint and 10 more paragraphs might not change that.

But pictures from our Facebook team might…

I pulled just a couple from people who are just starting out so you can see what can happen for you tonight or tomorrow…


 And in a week or two…


Because that’s really what you want to know…

Can you make money on eBay, FAST?

The short answer is yes.  You could get in, get busy listing, find a hot seller and get money fast.

What if it doesn’t happen overnight?

Again, you don’t know me from a can of paint…

But it might help to hear it straight for the founder, Roger Langille:

83% of all active members are in profit within their first 30 days with DS Domination.

and it might help to know that the program is only $20 per month.


For the cost of 1/3 of a tank of gas or 2 Five Guys burgers, listen to all the training, follow the directions  for a week or two and make a few hundred dollars.*

Now, I’m going to give you a chance to get off the research wagon and get on the fast train to results here.

See exactly how this $20 system is transforming lives.  Enter your email and click here to watch now.

Still need more info?


DS Domination started in 2013 and has been growing like crazy.

They offer educational programs that teach the basics all the way to the most advanced strategies in making money using drop ship strategies.

DS Domination 2014 revolves around the basic idea of teaching entrepreneurs how to buy low and sell high.

Scratch that, actually it revolves around sell high THEN buy low.

That’s even better.

In the standard buy low, sell high model, the entrepreneur takes on expenses, inventory, storage and the risk of not finding a buyer.

Think of real estate…the investor must buy the house and then flip it at a higher price. The pros keep the holding period as short as possible-they flip it quick.

The real benefit of the Dropship Domination products is that they teach you how to avoid taking on any inventory.

In fact you don’t actually purchase the product until you sell the product. Then you keep the diff.


  • Sell the time first, then buy the item. You use the buyers payment to you to order the products.
  • You do not take on any inventory. Nothing in the garage or back bedroom.
  • You are not required own any of the products that you offer for sale.
  • You are not required to manually ship any items.
  • Tap into the shipping department of well known billion-dollar companies. Let them handle the packaging and shipping for you.


  • There’s a risk that something will happen between the time that you list the product for sale and the buyer buys, like the supplier runs out of stock or the price changes so that the deal becomes a loser. The training actually addresses this rare occurrence and suggests some corrective actions.
  • From time to time you will have to assist your buyer with a return. That doesn’t mean that you put your hand on the product it just means that you have to enter some things on the computer and forward an email.


Roger Langille claims to be an elite eBay Titanium Powerseller drop ship marketer that has made millions of dollars.

At the time of this writing , their site doesn’t have any bios for the leadership, so we just have to take his word for it.

He quickly explains how a person can really make money on eBay without managing inventory in their garage or back bedroom and without packing boxes and driving to the shipping store daily.

He thoroughly and quickly explains step-by-step how to become a professional at building and running a successful drop ship business.

He seems to be genuine in his desire for 100% of the DSD members to be successful and goes to painstaking levels to explain the common pitfalls and how to avoid them.


  • He seems like a nice enough guy and a straight shooter. I didn’t see any proof of his claims.


  • You don’t know him from a can of paint…But you only need to put $20 on the table to see if he is selling Woof tickets or not.
  • And based on the results that our team is showing, I would say that the program works.

Core Products

  • DS Domination Pro: costs $20 per month. Learn the basics of setting up your drop ship business including setting up accounts on eBay and Amazon, how to find and edit pictures and descriptions and how to properly write your shipping and return policies.  This subscription covers what you need to know as the drop shippers and marketplace companies change their requirements or procedures from time to time.
  • DS Domination Elite:  costs $99 per month.  Learn the ins and outs of making $50+ per sale. This program can take profit up to $250 or $500 per sale. It reveals less competitive sites, better tools and larger market places.
  • DS Domination Unleashed:  onetime cost of $299.  More suppliers, shops, higher profits on every sale.  How to lower fees and increase conversions.  It’s like your first trip to a buffet. Do you remember the first time that you went to a buffet? I do. I wanted just sit in the middle and stuff it all into my mouth. Same feeling. How to get cash back for sales that you’re already making.
  • DS Domination Monopoly:  onetime cost of $499.  Learn how to become a monopoly provider. What monopolies can you think of? Your local utility…they make plenty of money right? That’s the idea behind this program. Higher profits. More control. No competition.
  • Market Xtreme Pack:  costs $199.  For power affiliates, this program allows you to leverage DS Domination capture pages in lead generation campaigns. You can add your own branded videos and rotate capture pages. Works with Aweber and GetResponse.If you’re just joining to sell products and make money, ignore this completely. If you’re coming in it to build a platoon of successful drop ship entrepreneurs then this might be for you. Includes 1 year of pre-built followups that are tailored to each person’s purchase history.  So if they are at the Elite level, it markets Unleashed to them…

In summary, a lot of companies hammer you to commit to you business.

What they really mean is to buy more product than you’re comfortable with. Charge more on your credit card so you become too scared to quit.

Not Drop Ship Domination.

They know that you are actually going to make money when you follow the training. And you won’t want to quit.

Then you’ll invest more in your education.

Start at $20 a month with Pro. Make money.

Upgrade to DS Domination Elite. Make even more money.

And so on. Makes sense to me.

If you ever think of anybody that might want to make some money online and you want to tell them about DSD, then become an affiliate for $9.95 per month.

Tell your story. Make more money that comes in month after month.  Help others pay off bills and stop stressing about money.

Being an affiliate just means that you will get paid when you send people the link to DSD and they sign up. See more on the compensation below.


  • Some of the simplest and easiest to implement training that I have ever seen.
  • All of the pro training can be completed in a couple of hours. Training completed, products listed, curled up in a big chair watching Netflix…in 2-3 hours. Cha-ching….
  • The training resources are so easy to understand that you shouldn’t need any help but other support is provided.
  • It makes sense and it doesn’t freak people out. And frankly it is not hard for people to picture themselves listing and selling some stuff on eBay. The hard sell just isn’t needed.


  • The compensation plan is set up so that if you refer other people and they purchase the educational programs, you get paid 50% of their purchases ( for products that you are qualified for)



You keep all of the profits that you earn actually selling products through the drop ship business. Period. Except for Uncle Sam, of course.

DSD pays out 75% of the purchase price (of the educational programs) in commissions. To get a piece of that pie you need to be an affiliate. That costs $9.95 per month. They don’t pay commissions on that fee. The company operates customer support, develops new products, develops new tools and videos, etc out of that money.

When you bring in someone who buys a program, you earn 50% of the selling price. Period. For every product that you are qualified to earn the commission on. More on that in a minute.

Let’s look at an example real quick: you buy Pro and Elite. You bring in Betty.

Betty buys the Pro only. You earn half of her $20 per month subscription. Every month that she pays.

Then Betty brings in her sister Caroline. Caroline buys the Pro,  Elite and Unleashed. Betty earns half of Caroline’s Pro subscription. But she is not qualified for Elite or Unleashed. These pass up. You get 10% of Caroline’s pro, 50% of the Elite and none of the unleashed (because you aren’t qualified).

If your sponsor purchased Unleashed, then they will earn 50% of Caroline’s Unleased.

The moral of the story: get in, get busy and make money. Create a success story and upgrade as fast as possible so that you can catch all of the commissions that will start flying by when you tell your story!

How do you qualify for commissions? Two ways…

One, by making 3 sales of each product to a non-affiliate (i.e. A customer who does not activate his/her affiliate account).

Two, by first buying each product yourself.

If you do not meet either of these qualifications, any sales you make of the non-qualified products will pass-up to the next qualified person.


  • I hate to use a cliche…Scratch that. I love to say… the sky is the limit. It depends on how many products you can list for sale, how quickly they sell and the profit margin for each product. Get in and get busy.
  • The compensation for each training product is product-specific. You can buy as many or as few of the products as you want and earn as much or as little as you want .
  • The entire leadership seems very focused on helping regular folks make money actually doing what is covered in the training.


  • Not really a con but it should be stated that this is not just a “click your heels three times and you’re done strategy.” It requires diligence and you are going to have to take action, regularly, consistently, quickly and over and over and over. On the upside, every time you take the action of placing the order, you are making money!
  • You can qualify for commissions on a product by selling 3 to non-affiliates but you still won’t have access to the content of those programs until you purchase. Sounds fair to me but it is worth mentioning.
  • The competition level is increasing daily as more and more people join. But it’s a very young company and the universe of products sold on the Internet is HUGE!

DS Domination Review: Can You Make Money or Not?

I am an affiliate, so I am a little biased.

But I’m super analytical so I feel like I’ve given you both sides of the review.

My bottom line is this: This stuff is super easy. If you can copy and paste descriptions and copy pictures, then you can do this.

The training is solid. Brief. To the point.

The money making potential is quick. Simple. And BIG.

Big enough to quit a job.

Big enough to pay off bills.

Big enough to get a taste of making good money online without being super-technical.

On the doing side:
Can you make some money fast? You can absolutely make some fast. It depends on how many listings you create and how fast they move.

On the affiliate side:
Can you make some real money bringing in people? Let’s ask it a different way, “Do you know anybody that would be willing to set aside a couple of hours to learn how to make hundreds of dollars a week on eBay?  ‘nough said…

You green?  Then…

Join me inside DS Domination by clicking here

* I am not promising that you will make any making at all. You may never even watch the training or put a product up for sale. I hope that’s not the case. But you know how some people are…