Which is better?  Organic posts or dark posts on Facebook?

To me that’s like asking which is better:  bacon or eggs?  burgers or fries?

First, if you are vegan, oops…

Second, I’m making a point…

Don’t try to separate things that have been proven to work together over the years…

Like Batman and Robin, Tom and Jerry, Ben and Jerry,  peanut butter and jelly.

Pancakes and syrup, ham and cheese, grits and butter…

You get the idea.

Each one is good by itself but when you put ’em together, watch out…

Organic vs Dark Posts on Facebook

It’s the same with finding your next customer on Facebook.

You’re sure that some of the 1.2 billion users on Facebook would buy your product if they just knew about it.

You’ve been blasting your personal page with information and photos but no takers.

You want a way to find people that you don’t go to your family reunions that doesn’t make you feel cheap and sleazy…

There’s at least two popular ways to do it on Facebook that are working right now.

One is good but when you master them both, you’ll find customers on Facebook everyday…Watch out.

Organic Posts vs Dark Posts on Facebook

One way is the “organic” way — grow your own page and following and market to them.  I’ve been teaching you how to do that. If you missed it, go here to see the first step.

The second way is the “dark post” way. It’s the Super Ninja Shortcut that real Facebook marketers use to reach their perfect audience. Fast.

The real Facebook marketers have a rich, full-bodied Facebook fan page ( sorry, I’m drinking a really strong cup of black blueberry tea…).

And they use dark posts.

Don’t believe me.  Check out some of these examples of dark posts used by the pros…

Real Estate Moguls use dark posts on Facebook…

Robert Kiyosaki Dark Post on Facebook

So do huge software companies like Rosetta Stone…

Rosetta Stone Dark Post on Facebook

And universities…

University of Phoenix Dark Post on Facebook

And online powerhouses like GoDaddy and me and you.

Godaddy Dark Post on Facebook

How can you tell that these are dark post ads?  See that little “sponsored” in the bottom right corner…

Bingo.  They paid a few pennies to get that ad in your newsfeed based on pages you have visited or liked or on interests that you have mentioned.

And you can do it too.

What’s the diff between an organic post and a dark post?

With organic posts, you start a page like I showed you and you post content, pictures, articles, jokes whatever to the page. People who have liked your page will see the post and if they love it, they share it like good gossip with their FB family.

All of that is organic.

Real you.

Posting real stuff.

On your real page.

Which your fans see in their newsfeed or they see on your page.

And which gets shared to their real FB family.

You really can’t take the liberty of posting your stuff on someone else’s “real page.”

That’s their space, their castle.  There’s only room for one queen in this castle.

Start hanging pictures on somebody else’s castle walls and you will get the FB backhand…

But a dark post is different.  You use a page that you own to create a post.  But it doesn’t actually ever appear on the page.

In fact, the page could be brand spanking new that only your grandma likes.  You just need a “homebase” for the dark post.

Your post appears in the newsfeed of real people who are interested in your related topic or may be fans of a related page.  You have to pay for this sneaky back door pass.  It’s a “dark post” and a Facebook ad.

Say you market jewelry, you get to post your best information about how to wear certain styles with certain necklines or how to switch up 3 pieces to go from day to evening.  To all the people who like the pages of your competitors.  Or what if a piece of your jewelry was featured in a popular magazine…post a great piece of value to the fans of that magazine’s fan page.

Not only are you hanging pictures in their castle, the owner doesn’t know you’re doing it.

You can sneak into their party and invite her guests to your party next door…

Pretty ninja right…

So if you thought the organic way was too much work and took too much time, you love this, right.

Picture this (no pun intended…):

You come up with a lead magnet like we talked about.

You create a bangin’ ad and post it today to thousands of people who are perfect for your product.

You get new leads to your capture page today.

You get new leads on your list.

You get new fans to your Facebook fan page ( a free bonus).

And you get a few new customers on Facebook today.

All with a simple dark post.

And while you’re making money on the dark post side, you get busy building your booming fan page.  Because your organic fan page is your captive audience.  You’ll get feedback from them before you pay for ads. You’ll sell them your stuff.  You’ll cultivate a long term relationship with them.  Remember, this is your castle. Your party.  You’ve got to have a place to call your own…

How do I make a dark post on Facebook?

I’m just about to get to that.

Since it’s gonna cost money, you want to make sure that you’re doing it right so you get results fast.

There’s three things you need to know:

How to get find the people you want to show your dark post to…

How to make ads that stand out like David Beckham with his shirt off..

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