You’re building your business on the ground with parties, networking events and hotel meetings.

You also have other responsibilities and maybe a full-time gig.

You would love to get some new customers online or from Facebook.

You spend a good bit of time on Facebook and so do millions of other people.

You probably want to know where customers come from on Facebook…

It’s not the stork…


Keep reading all the way to the end and I’ll tell you exactly where customers come from on Facebook.

What if you could build a huge ultra-target fan page full of raving fans?

For cheap…like a penny a person. (Yes for a real person!)

Pretty fast…in a matters of weeks or months, not years!

And they’re a natural fit for your product or service…

Jump over and read Step 1 to getting more results on Facebook if you missed it…

I’m going to assume that you’re up to speed, so let’s go to
Step 3:  How to Convert a Raving Fan into a Hot Lead.

Your page is full of raving fans. You have 1000, 5000 or maybe even 20000 fans in a very short time.

If you picked the right topic.

And if you’re giving them what they want and they’re staying engaged.

Some of them are looking for exactly what you have to offer.

For example, fans of Real Housewives of Atlanta may love glamour and diamonds but they don’t have that kind of scratch, coin, grip…

So you can show them how to get the same look for less with your jewelry.

Or maybe your fan page is based on healthy celebrities over 40. Those fans probably want to lose 10 lbs. Who doesn’t?

Show them how to take your 24 day challenge or your 5 day cleanse.

You feelin’ me?

Every now and then you add a post related to your deal.

But make sure to follow these guidelines:

5 Tips to Lead Conversion on Facebook

1. Not too often. You don’t want your page to look like a big pitch fest.

2. Give them an offer they can’t refuse. Something snazzy and free.
Like a free video of how to clean their jewelry, or how to get a certain style.
Maybe even get a sample of the product or supplements. Or a recipe for a delicious smoothie.

3. Then send them to a capture page. They enter their email address in exchange for the irresistible offer.

You get the email addresses of the peeps who take your bait giveaways, ask for more information, and show some interest in your products.

Now you use an email management system to stay in touch.

To teach them.

To inspire them.

To encourage them.

To solve their problems.

To show them a better way.

You show them your product from time to email. Not on every email.

You keep doing it. Until they buy.

Or until they unsubscribe.

Most people are not going to buy the first time you show them your product. They’ll look.

They will walk around and kick the tires for a while. Let ’em look. Just make sure that you get their email first.

Give great advice and help them get a few results for free.  Sprinkle on some social proof and results.

And BAM! You have a customer.

And not everyone on your fan page is going to become a customer. That’s ok.

What if you end up with a page of 1000 people who all love jewelry? Or your product? What if only 100 of them buy from you often? Would that be OK? I bet that would be great.

What if the page had 10,000 raving fans? Or 40,000? You could end up with several sales a day. From home. In your PJs.

Some of them will buy and a bunch of them will get one step closer to buying by subscribing to your emails.

I use a program called to create some sexy capture pages like this one and Aweber to store the email addresses and send my emails.(Check out my other bog posts with tutorial videos to show you exactly how to set it up.  If you purchase through my links, you get extra bonuses from me!)

4. Once you capture the email then you say “thank you” by actually giving them what they came for. The video, free download or sample.

5. Stay in touch. Keep being a positive part of their day…
Drop some knowledge on ’em. Did I really just write that? LOL

Keep teaching them something. Keep adding value. Keep letting them get to know you. They will buy.

Now that’s the Facebook blueprint for finding your next customer on Facebook.

Let’s wrap it up and put a bow on it.

How ’bout a little bedtime story…

Mommy, Where do Facebook customers come from?

Build a page around a popular mainstream topic that will appeal to the audience most likely to purchase your product.

Engage your future fans through irresistible ads.

Did you know that it is possible to get 10,000 actual real living breathing raving fans for $100?

Click here to find out how…

Once they’re fans of the page, keep them engaged with awesome content.

Sprinkle in a few posts about your deal and lead them to a sexy capture page.

Give them something cool, teach them, solve their problems with blog posts, videos and free downloads.

Show them how they can solve their bigger problems by buying your product.


Then they’ll buy.

And that my little one, is where your next Facebook customer comes from…


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