Facebook engagement rate…hmmm

Sounds boring.  I get that.  But I also bet that you are wondering why yours is so low.

Why isn’t anyone coming to your brand new shiny Facebook fan page.  Why isn’t anyone commenting or liking your posts…

Check out this post to see how to build a fan page that will attract thousands of fans, quickly and easily…

If you have to tell someone where to find it ( over lunch or on the phone) does it really count as Internet marketing?  Naaaahhhhh….I don’t think so.

What you need are new people to show your products to.  Everyday.

What you need is for someone to buy something from you everyday.

A sale or two a day.  Profit everyday…Hmmm.

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away then surely a sale a day keeps the bill collectors away.

Sure you can get dressed, put on your game face and go out to your local Target or mall to look for “people who keep their options open.” LOL.  Been there. Done that.

Or you can sign up for your Local Annual Women’s Health, Wellness, Home, Patio, Chamber of Commerce, Fall, Spring, Christmas, State, County, Church, Bridal Fair Bazaar Show Festival Booth.

Whew…that’s a mouth full.

Those work great.  You get exactly enough leads to keep you busy for 3 days.

I won’t even mention the fun of schlepping all the tables, laptops, displays, brochures, balloons baskets and prizes….

Did you get enough business cards? No one answering?  Might as well make a piñata out of those cards…

So what if you learn to sell stuff online?…That would be cool.

Working in PJs. No driving. Never get stood up again.  No parties with you, the neighbor lady and the dog.  Some sales even happen while you’re sleeping.  Sounds like heaven…right?

So, where are all the people online?

Facebook comes to mind.  Did you know that 80% of smartphone users check their phone within 15 minutes of waking in the morning (according to a report from IDC Research)? There’s got to be at least 1 person a day on all of Facebook who wants what you are offering.

But how to find them, get their attention and keep it long enough for them to pull out the credit card?

The key is to monitor, measure and maximize your Facebook engagement rate.

Keep reading and watch the video to find out what it is, how your improve your fan page engagement rate and I’m going to show you a couple of nifty tools that work great.

What is a Facebook Engagement rate?

It usually refers to what percentage of your fans are engaging with your posts by liking, commenting or sharing.  It might also include how many fans are even seeing your posts – we call that reach.

That assumes that the people are already fans of your page.

But what if they aren’t a fan…yet.

So we have to get them to become a fan.  We have to show them something to draw them in.  An ad, a blog post, a video, a banner…like that.

Then they like our page or engage with our content.  It is often referred to as click through rate or conversion rate ( from impressions to leads). But,  I don’t want to get too technical.

Let’s keep it simple.

I like to think of all of that as engagement. …When we put our content out there, do people engage with it? And when we put it on our page, do our fans engage with it?

Because if you have your finger on the pulse of your target audience, you can catch their attention through ads, blog posts, video posts, image posts, etc and draw them into your funnel, create a relationship with them and turn them into repeat customers.

How can I find out what my Facebook engagement rate is?

Have your page analyzed for free in a couple of seconds at www.likealzyer.com.  Post your results in the comments at the bottom if you dare….

Likealyzer Facebook Engagement Rate

Or you can calculate it?

There’s a formula for it.  You can check it out here.

How can I improve my engagement rate?

If you looked at the formula, you already know that you need to get people to see, click on, like, share or comment about your stuff.  How do you do that?

I’m glad you asked…

7 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Engagement Rate

1.  Tell them what to do.
Always include a strong call to action in your post.  Just one.
Don’t confuse you readers with choices and options.  They are already busy and overwhelmed.  They may only have 2 more minutes before their boss returns from lunch.


  • Click like if you love this necklace.
  • Click share if you love this ring.
  • Click on the link below and enter your email address to get the free report.

2. Use images that catch their eye.
Not regular or standard images. Something dazzling. Something share-worthy.
On the posts, ads, tabs, Pinterest, quotes, everywhere you use an image, it should be good.

Excuse me while I toot my own horn here but I wrote a couple of really good posts about finding royalty free images that don’t infringe on copyright protection and then I showed some cool tools to make your images stand out.  Save yourself some time, and check them out.

3.  Use a variety of posts, images, quotes, videos and content.
Use a variety until you get a good feel of what type of information your audience wants the most.  Then give them mostly that with some other ideas sprinkled in for a surprise.

Use the insights on your fan page to figure out what is really working.  You can find it near the top of your admin panel in your fan page.

Facebook Fan Page Insights

4.  Bring your other social media accounts to Facebook.
If you’re at your jewelry party and you snap a few photos of the ladies trying on your fabulous jewelry and having a blast, upload it to Instagram.  Link your Instagram to Facebook and voila, now your Facebook fans will have access to everything cool on Instagram.

Do the same thing with your Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube.

Now all that work that you do to get noticed on other social media platforms will also boost your image on Facebook.  Do the work once and get the benefits over and over…

One third-party app that works great is www.WooBox.com.  Follow along on this video as I show you how to add custom tabs to your Facebook Fan Page and link your other social media accounts.

Just make sure to maintain a constant theme and brand presence. So that you don’t confuse your audience.

5. Be present on your page.
Ask and answer questions. Start a dialogue with your fans in your posts. Ask them for feedback on an idea. Ask them what they want to hear about or see next.
Get them to submit photos of themselves wearing or using your product.

6.  Make your page easier to find, recognize and link to by claiming your vanity URL.
When you get more than 25 fans, you can give your page a catchy, branded URL.  Make it short and professional looking.  It should align with your brand.

Like http://www.facebook.com/empoweredspouse

7.  Give them gifts.
People love it when you show up iwth a gift for them.  Have special offers, giveaways and tips.  Information is king these days.  People have access to tons of information but they want something that they can use.  Keep your tips bite-size and actionable.  Don’t overwhelm them with 5 tips everyday.  Just one a day or maybe even every other day.   So they have time to take some action.

So let’s summarize.

Instead of schlepping stuff all over town to meet people and make sales, let’s find some customers online.  Facebook is a good place to start.

Build a Facebook page based on an topic, show, product, brand, team, theme or idea that is already popular.  Make it easy for people to recognize.  Make sure that you can build a bridge from that product over to yours pretty easily.

Increase your Facebook engagement rate by drawing people to your page with great images in your ads, post and content.

More information on making awesome high-converting ads…coming soon.

Then keep them engaged with your page by giving them exactly what they want, talking with them, asking them questions and posting content they will want to share with others.  Tell them exactly what to do next and how to take advantage of the special offers that you have.

Oh yeah…special offers….have some.

Teach your readers something, give them a new idea, show them how to wear your jewelry, how to go from day to evening with their makeup or jewelry, how to perform a exercise properly, how to customize their Facebook fan page tabs, etc…

Give them some information that they can go out and use immediately (preferably for free) and get a small positive result.  It starts the good karma flowing.

Like when a gentleman opens the door for a lady or when she makes his favorite dessert….

Facebook is great to start with but we really have to adhere to Facebook’s rules. We also want to be able to contact our fans and show them more of our products or sell them something.  So we are going to need a way to be able to contact them outside of Facebook…

By email…hmmm.  How do we do that?

We need to start building a list.

Of the email addresses of peeps who take our bait giveaways, ask for more information, and show some interest in our products.

Not everyone on our fan page is going to become a customer.  That’s ok.

What if you end up with a page of 1000 people who all love jewelry? Or your product ( or the benefit that your product can provide)?

What if only 100 of them buy from you often?  Would that be OK?  That would be great.

What if the page had 10,000 raving fans? Or 40,000?  You could end up with several sales a day.  From home.  In your PJs.  Almost on autopilot.

That sounds like Step 3 to me…How to Convert a Raving Fan into a Real-Live Lead

Stay tuned.

Marketing Ninja,


Ninja Facebook Marketing