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Done For You Web Design and SEO Services

Are you a small business owner wishing you had a website?

Have you thought about it over and over for the past few months?

But you just don’t know where to start…

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Even if you knew what to do, you don’t have time to build it and manage it.

And how to add pictures and videos and all that jazz

You’re running your business, all the day to day stuff, and all the personal stuff too.

You’re over your head in BUSY.

You’re a Super Mom or a Super Dad, already.  Web site designer extraordinaire – not really.

I hear ya’.  Let me help.

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Now imagine that one week from now, you have your own site.

It has a home page full of all the most important stuff about your business.

Your page tells future clients exactly what you want them to know about your business, why they should pick you and shows them how good your work is.

It gives them a phone number to contact you and connects to your social media accounts.

Sounds too goo to be true?

Not really, your website is just one week away.

Web site Design

We are currently offering the Hero Package and you can add as many sidekicks as you like.

The Hero Package ($49/month):

3 page site (Home Page, About Us, and Contact Us)

A Business phone number

*You provide the domain, content and the images. I’ll add 1 page per month for 12 months

Bonus:  I’ll add 1 new page per month for 12 months (must submit new content by the 20th of the month)

“Add-a-Sidekick” Package ($49/month each)

Links to 3 Social Media Accounts from Home Page

Create, Host and Add an animated Business Video (up to 10 slides or 1:30)

Add 3 more pages to start (terms and conditions, privacy policy, testimonials, or you decide)

“Save Me From SEO”  Package (Prices Vary)

Whether you already have a site or we are building it for you, you want everyone to be able to find your business and services.

Your next customers are searching the search engines.  Are you coming up in those search results.

Whether you have a brick business such as a lawn service or a photography business or if you have a click business competing with millions of other affiliates,  we will get your business/website to the first page of Google.

Put up or shut up.  I’m glad you asked.

Go to Google and type in Arbonne Review. One of my blogs comes up in the Top 3 sites on Page 1 of Google. I’m competing with over 700,000 other sites.

I’m not even a rep for Arbonne anymore.  I just did that for fun.  I could use that post to get leads and signups for my Arbonne business.

I can do the same type of thing for  you too!

Go to Google and type in DS Domination Official Review

ds domination official review proof

That’s out of over 10 million other web pages….

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The Fine Print

Schedule a free consultation here:  Click this link.

We also offer other services, just ask.

Payments will be handled through Paypal and will be payable monthly.  The  special rate is available only with a 1 year agreement.

Content for new pages must be provided by the 20th of each month for publication by the 1st.

Once you start, your rate is locked in.  Your price will not increase.

We retain ownership and control of the site.  If you don’t pay, we remove the site.

Prices and offers are subject to change at any time.


I should get a cape for this…

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