Have you been looking for ways to use Facebook to tell people about your business?

Ultra-targeted facebook ads are a great way to go but I am going to focus on a few free Facebook marketing ideas and tips first.

Here are 6 free Facebook marketing ideas and tips to use to turn up the volume on your Facebook engagement.


 6 Free Facebook Marketing Ideas and Tips for Facebook

1.  Add the Facebook Page URL to your email signature

2.  Link your personal profile to your Facebook page by adding a worked at…to your profile.

3.  Directly respond to one person in a post or response.

4.  Interact with the pages of your friends and followers.
Facebook uses an algorithm called “Last Actors” They feature more posts from the 50 most recent actors (people, pages,profiles) in the news feed.

So if you want to appear in the newsfeed of others, go out and write fun and valuable tips.

5.  Bring in contacts from outside of Facebook like from your email list, your Twitter followers, you Pinterest Followers or your YouTube Subscribers.  Give them a reason to become a fan.

6.  Add a like box or social media bar to your website (like this).


facebook marketing ideas and tips


These Facebook marketing ideas and tips are free and simple to use.

Especially if you already have a Facebook Page (a business page or fan page separate from your personal page).

If not, learn to set one up here.

I hope that these tips gets you started on the right path building your internet presence.

If you really want to get outside of Facebook and develop your own distinct look and feel, check out my instructions on how to create your own blog here.

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Finding the perfect people on Facebook,

Niquelle Wright