A solid email management strategy will set you apart from all of the other me-too marketers on the Internet.  Stand-out with great content and value and win the battle of the inbox.

Why should I build a  email list?

Building a list is crucial for internet marketers who are interested in a longer term relationship with their followers and customers.  If you want to be known for a level of expertise and you want your site to be the go to resource when they have questions, then you need to establish a list and maintain communication with them.  An email management strategy that is based on providing real content and solving their problems will keep your messages out of the trash or the spam folder.

If you just want to get folks to click on an ad, see the offer and either buy or not, then you may not be interested in capturing contact information.

If you have studied marketing at all, you will know that it is cheaper to keep a customer than to acquire a new one. So I am going to tell you how to use my system and tools to maintain and strengthen the relationships that you have with your base.

Avoid these mistakes that most marketers make with their email management strategy.

1.  Sending pitch after pitch after pitch.  The quickest way to get low opens rates is for the reader to presume that you are just trying to sell them something all of the time.

2.  Sending too many emails.  Everyone gets too much email.  Everyone gets too much crap email.  Don’t be a part of the problem.

3.  Sending too few email.  You don’t want them to forget you.  You want them to look for your message.

4.  Thinking that what works for someone else will automatically fork for your list.  You have your own niche.  They are unique so the email management strategy that you use should be unique as well.  You are going to have to see what works.  You will know what is working because your open rates will stay relatively level or ideally should increase.  Your click through rates will increase if you are offering them information that they are interested in.

Follow this video tutorial to set up your own email management system with Aweber.

Set up your account with them here for $1 for the first month. Leave a comment below this post so that I can send you a free bonus that shows how to get 40-50% open rates on your emails.

The truth is that most people do not buy the first time they see an offer.  Some people say that a person needs to see something 5-7 times before the purchase.

(Ignore the big crash at 12:15, everybody is fine.  Just a Lego toy crashing to the ground.  hehehe. Kids…)

How to set-up Aweber for email management

1.   Set up the account here.

2.  Create a list.  Consider that each niche you market to may have its own set of unique emails. Start with one but keep that in mind.  (In the past, each free giveaway would require its own list and email sequence but a landing page tool that I use eliminates that problem.)

  • List name
  • List description
  • Notification when people subscribe to your list
  • Personalize your list
  • Add logos, images, snippets
  • Post to Twitter, Facebook automatically
  • Decide if you want single or dual opt-in

3.  Follow-ups vs. Broadcasts

Follow-ups include a series of pre-established emails that you have written and have ready when a person subscribes.  They sit in the system just eating for someone to subscribe.

Our team has a set of emails that we can provide you with.  Keep in mind that others have used and are using them.  Depending on the size of the team, they could have been circulated by 100s of people.  Also depending on the niche that you have chosen, your subscribers will probably receive emails from many different marketers.  You want to start creating your own unique emails as quickly as possible.

Broadcasts are emails that you will draft in the moment.  They can be used to highlight current events, special offers and other real time developments.

Use these key points to get started in the right direction and pay attention to the types of messages that you prefer to open and read.


email marketing strategy using a weber


Make sure to post a comment down below that lets me know when you have started your subscription so that I can send you a special bonus video that shows you how to get 40-50% open rates on your email.

To go on to the next step in the blueprint, go here.

A warrior’s wife and a warrior wife,

Niquelle Wright


P.S.  This is just part of the system.  If you want to see all of the pieces and see how to put it all together subscribe to my list here.  More help. Less Hype.