So you want to learn to blog like the big kids…And rake in some money online.
You’re gonna have to get a coach, step up your game, and put in the reps.
Follow these killer blogging tricks.

Keep Your Content Tight – Like Spanx

Remember the people who need your help-your target audience. Get laser-focused on giving them what they need to more forward.

Start with keyword research.  Find the words or phrases that they are looking for and answer their questions, give them tips that they can use to move forward.

The key to a successful blog is traffic and a good portion of that depends on getting ranked on Google.  So your material has to be tight.  Like your Spanx…

Keep It Tight Like Spanx

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There is no room of slackage or slippage.

You have to be better than the competition.  You have to write better reviews, give more tips and provide more through and comprehensive information. So use the right tools to make keyword research easy and find the phrases with manageable competition and create some awesome content.

Then  crush them with your Ninja SEO skills…

Check out this Behind the Scenes Video of my Killer Blogging Tricks

Killer Blogging Tricks

On-page Optimization

  1. Write at least 2000 to 2500 words if you’re going for the first page of the SERPS.
  2. If using a WordPress theme SEO tools or Yoast SEO plugin, only put the post in one category.  If you check off more than one category box, WordPress with create duplicate pages as follows: AND   Your site ranking might suffer due to duplicate content over time.
  3. Sprinkle the main keyword  or related keywords in as follows:
    • 1 time H1 heading (usually used in the title)
    • 1 time H2 heading
    • 2 times H3 heading
    • As needed H4 and H5
    • 1 time each bold, italics and underline
    • In the URL slug
    • In the keywords (not the WordPress tags area)

Add Outgoing Links

  1. Use 2-3 links to other related posts on your site.  This will most often be your best stuff so the link juice will be spread appropriately.  These links should be regular “dofollow” links.
  2. Provide links to other related posts on other sites.  This shows Google that you are putting the user’s experience as the first priority.  These links should be “no follow” links to protect your prized link juice that you have accumulated from proper link building strategies.
  3. Include one or two links to your affiliate offer.  If the current post is one of your money pages and leads to an affiliate offer, you will want to no follow the affiliate links as well.
  4. Include one place to capture emails to build your list.  The Aweber form is kind of tricky – if you don’t add it last, it gets erased- so add it last. Then publish.  Since you will have this form on lots of posts, it is important to track where your leads are coming from.

Add Related Images, Info Graphics and Video

  1. Add 2-3 eye-catching images than convey the message of your post.  These images should grab the reader by the shirt collar and make it impossible for them to click away from your page.
  2. Get rid of backgrounds, add text or borders if needed.  Check out some free tools that I use to make killer images.  Resize the images before adding them into WordPress. It will make your pages load faster if WordPress doesn’t haven’t to do that.  Add SEO-friendly alt text (these words tell Google what the pictures are about) and no follow the links if they go to other sites.

Last Killer Blogging Tricks

1.  Let it flow.  Give your content structure-like a story.  Create several pieces of content that link together and create a series.  It makes the content easy to absorb for your reader.  And it keeps them on your site longer as they read more pages and it decreases your bounce rate because they read more than one page on your site. Those are all good things in the eyes of the Googlemeister.

2.  Keep it tight.  Keep your content tightly focused around your area of expertise and a target audience.  Don’t try to solve every problem for everyone.  Just the most important ones for your specific target audience.

3.  Mix it up.  Apply most of these ninja tricks, most of the time.  You don’t have to be perfect.  In fact it looks more natural if you mix it up a bit.  Use the keyword a couple of times in one post and then 5-6 times in the next post.  Use the H1, H2, and H3 styles on most posts but mix it up.  Miss a bold or italics or underline sometimes.  And most of all every post should not be keyword targeted around your niche.

It’s official.

You are now a Warrior Ninja Blogger in Training…

ninja blogging tricks

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