December 2013

By now, you should have used my online blueprint to select a great niche, find targeted buyer keywords, set up your blog and started writing your first killer content using these ninja blogging tricks.  After you have nailed the content,  you just need a couple of attention-grabbing, drive-the-point-home free legal images.

So, are you gonna’ be a zero?


Are you gonna open up Google images and copy and paste?

‘Cause that was everyone else does…. And it is way easy and convenient and free. I’ve got news for you.

It’s possibly illegal.

At a minimum, it is careless and unwise. It could get you a nasty copyright infringement letter from a lawyer or a fine or a ban or even jail time.

Or do you wanna be hero?

Keep reading and find out how to use free legal pictures, properly cite the source and spread some love…


I am not a copyright infringement lawyer. I don’t know any. I am not a lawyer.  What you’re about to read is not legal advice.

It’s a kick butt list of places to look for free legal images (and a few paid sources as well) that you can download, modify, and use.  Don’t give yourself an anxiety attack over it but develop some habits early on in your blogging career that will keep you out of copyright prison and may even develop some goodwill on the Internet by following the proper etiquette.

15 Places for Free Legal Pictures to Download

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So you want to learn to blog like the big kids…And rake in some money online.
You’re gonna have to get a coach, step up your game, and put in the reps.
Follow these killer blogging tricks.

Keep Your Content Tight – Like Spanx

Remember the people who need your help-your target audience. Get laser-focused on giving them what they need to more forward.

Start with keyword research.  Find the words or phrases that they are looking for and answer their questions, give them tips that they can use to move forward.

The key to a successful blog is traffic and a good portion of that depends on getting ranked on Google.  So your material has to be tight.  Like your Spanx…

Keep It Tight Like Spanx

(photo credit)

There is no room of slackage or slippage.

You have to be better than the competition.  You have to write better reviews, give more tips and provide more through and comprehensive information. So use the right tools to make keyword research easy and find the phrases with manageable competition and create some awesome content.

Then  crush them with your Ninja SEO skills… [click here to continue…]

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Now you can make images that pop off the page without spending a penny.

Have you ever wondered how to get rid of an ugly background on the perfect image?

Have you wondered how to add cool frames and text to images?

Wanna make a collage with some great photos like on  this blog.

Would you like to know how to take an image from blah to ‘POW’ in just a matter a minutes?

I’m going to show you how to take a plain image or photo and how to change it to something that pops off the page.

Watch this video to see at least 4 free tools that I use daily to make images that work with the overall layout of my blog, that attract the eyes of my readers and that help my blog its, “Wow, that’s different!” feel.

That what you want.

Stand out from the crowd.

Step 1: Select images that you want to work with:

Tools I Use to Snag the Perfect Images:
Google Search (Images Only)-Search the entire internet for just the right image using Google search. They have many of the same images as some of the pricier sites and they have great backgrounds.

Step 2: Edit Out a Distracting Background:

Use Clipping Magic to Erase Backgrounds

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Start Your Own Navy Wife Blog

I’ve explained in the online blueprint that you need a “home base” for your online presence. In fact, your home base might be your navy wife blog,  your personal Facebook profile or a fan page, your YouTube channel, or some other social media account or asset. By the way, you don’t have to be a […]

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