Official DubLi Network Review: Dollars, Dubai, Dog Rescue

by Niquelle Wright in Network Marketing

I’m guessing that someone is blasting their Facebook wall with how great their newest business opportunity is.

Or they’ve invited you to another hotel meeting or webinar about a company you’ve never heard of  – DubLi Network.

And now you’re looking for an honest Official DubLi Network review: its business opportunity, whether or not what they said at the meeting is true and how you might be able to make this put some folding money in your pocket.

Keep reading to find out how DubLi Network can put more jingle in your jangle, more donations for your charity and more dogs into no kill shelters or forever homes.

You don’t have to be Tia Torres from “Pitbulls and Parolees” to help mistreated animals.

Pitbull Dog Rescue Dubli

Or whatever your cause…

Keep reading and you’ll see how you (yep, you) can make thousands of retailers give money to your favorite charity.  And how DubLi Network fits in.

Your favorite charity might be you or it might be a formal organization in need of more funding.  Or it might be both.

Let me start by saying that almost every other review that I found online characterized DubLi Network as a scam.  From what I can tell, most of that negative mojo comes from some iffy dealings a few years ago.  They started out with some reverse-auction format that went south.  They’ve changed a lot since then.

As far as I can tell, they corrected course, dumped the auction stuff and kept the name.  I don’t know if keeping the name was a good move but other companies have survived negative PR – think poison Tylenol and the New Coke fiasco. A few years of solid performance and customers will just chock it up to a huge brain fart for the company.

But let’s keep it classy and get back to what you really want to know…

Is it a real opportunity? defines an opportunity as

a situation or condition favorable for attainment of a goal


a good position, chance, or prospect, as for advancement or success

I recently attended a DubLi Network hotel meeting in San Diego.  It was probably a little different from yours.

Two full days with some millionaires and billionaires (and regular folks like me) who were talking about growing their DubLi business into the biggest thing they’ve ever done.

I met the billionaire founder, Michael Hansen.  Pretty impressive.

Do you know how hard it is to get a billionaire excited about making money?

Considering that in this room of 200 people only 6 of us had ever heard of DubLi before arriving at the meeting, I would say there is a tremendous opportunity for those who have the right skills to build a Mt. Everest-size business full of thousands and thousands of new customers.

Ask your friends and neighbors if they have ever heard of it, chances are 99 out of a hundred will say “Du what?”

That’s good and bad. No saturation here.

But also, no brand awareness.  So usually that’d mean that ” you got a lot of x’plaining to do.”

But in this case the product is so simple that the explanation is short and sweet.

What does DubLi Network sell?

Cash back for purchases that you are already making online.

No really…that’s it.

No special juice from the deepest jungle, no supplements, no special creams or concoctions.

Just cash.

Do you order shoes online? Or makeup? What about booking a trip through a popular website?

You can actually get a chunk of cash back from all that purchasing.  Or you can keep paying too much and giving those big retailers more of your money than you have to.

It’s up to you, genius…

Don’t say that last part. But you can think it.

I’m not talking 1% like your crazy credit card.  In many cases, it’s up to 8,10 or 15% cash back.

DubLi Cash Back Proof 2

DubLi Cash Back Proof

Now do I have your attention?

Where is This Cash Back Coming From?

 Retail stores pay big bucks for new customers- think commercials, magazines, Sunday flyers, Super Bowl commercials… You get the point.

So instead of paying for this stuff, they pay “affiliates” who bring traffic to their sites.

Think of DubLi as a affiliate in beast mode. And they’re willing to share some of the spoils with reps who bring in more customers for their retail partners. That’s you.

Become a business associate with DubLi Network , get customers to sign up to shop through the Portal and DubLi Network will give you cut if they buy one of the paid memberships and when they shop and get cash back.

That’s how you get a piece of the $61.8 billion US holiday e-commerce retail shopping pie! (reported by

How much of that pie do you want?

Pie Dubli Cash Back

What about the DubLi memberships? offers three different membership levels for shoppers (your customers as a business associate with DubLi Network).

There’s a free membership. Less cash back.

Then there’s $4.95 per month which gets you the free cash back level plus 4% and then there’s the VIP membership for $99 per year that pays free cash back plus 6%.

So for example, if you plan to buy a big screen TV from a company that rhymes with Best Cry and the TV is $2000, then consider the $99 VIP membership because you could get up to 7% cash back on just this purchase.  That covers your membership plus an extra $41 and you can shop for next 12 months at the VIP level at 4000+ other stores.  It can really add up.

I had been using DubLi for months before I knew there was a business opportunity with it.  I racked up $374.99 in cash back in 5 months.

That’s $374.99 that most online shoppers are leaving on the table for the big retailers to keep.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather keep my $374.99 rather than giving it to those guys.

Your future customers will probably think that way too.

So, at this point, I may have confused you by using 2 different names, and DubLi Network.

What’s the difference between and DubLi network? is the site that shoppers use.

Get a vanilla free account (free cash back) or upgrade to one of the paid flavors (Premium for $4.95/month for free cash back +4%, or VIP $99/year for  free cash back + 6%). will pay VIP members $20 to bring in another VIP customer.

DubLi network is all about the business opportunity.

Sign up to become a business associate with DubLi Network ( and become a VIP customer) and now you’ll get the $20 customer referral bonus as well as the standard 25% business associate commission.

That’s another $24.75 if you’re curious.  Not bad dough for helping somebody get cash back on purchases their already making.

$44.75 for every new VIP customer that you enroll.  And 25% of the commissionable revenue ( almost equal to their free cash back) from all of their purchases.

And then 25% of the commissionable revenue of anyone that your customers refer, plus that $24.75 from the referral’s VIP membership.

The key to the money is to getting customers who shop online. And when they tell their friends, you get paid too.

Then there is the mlm-team-building money and generations and levels and blah, blah, blah.

It all means more money for you when you bring in other business associates.

And there’s more but it is too hard for me to explain.

To be honest, they have the most complicated comp plan I’ve ever seen and it kind of pisses me off that MLM companies make the things so hard to explain.

It’s hard to not sound like a weirdo scammer when you are talking about binary, double- repeating oscillating generations and such.

So, when you decide to join DubLi Network, I suggest you go with the simple story,

“I help people who want to get the best possible deal online every time without having to hunt for coupon codes. Do you know anybody that would be interested in getting a free account.”

(And know in the back of your mind that most free accounts become paid accounts and that you get $44.75 every time someone gets a $$99 VIP membership + a percentage of all of the free cash back).

Big grin like the cat in Alice in Wonderland.

DubLi vs Ebates,, and

Let’s be honest, there’s several big cash back sites out there.

They’ll all give you some money back.  They all have different partners.

Some offer 1 or 2% here and there. Others may give 5% or have double cash back days and other gimmicks.

When it boils down to who has the biggest network of retail partners, and who pays the most cash back across the board with the biggest upside, Dubli wins.

No one else pays up to 12% or 17% every day from big retailers.

But if you’re a comparison shopper at heart, join them all for free and shop around.

But at the end of the day pick one or two and stack the cash at those.

 You’ll get a bigger thrill when those deposits hit you bank account, or PayPal, or debit card.

Check ’em out by clicking these links if you’re ready to stack some cash back…

What are DubLi Network’s strengths?

The strength of DubLi Network is that the product is so damn cool.

The strength of the DubLi model is that business associates don’t have to get people to change their buying habits.

 All they have to do is want to pay less for stuff they’re already buying.

Not a hard sell if they’re willing to make a couple of extra clicks when buying online in exchange for up to 5,8 or 15% or more in cash back.

Having a DubLi cash back account means that people can stop searching all over for promo codes and coupon codes for their favorite stores.

Now they just log into their account, click through to their favorite retailer and shop away.

It might sound too good to be true for some shoppers or maybe too much trouble to make the couple of extra clicks.

Keep it moving because these people probably don’t like chocolate, cupcakes or puppies.  Life’s too short to deal with crazies like this.

The other strength IMHO is that DubLi has a special partner program for for-profit organizations and for non-profit organizations.

They’ll build a co-branded site (the organization’s logo along with Dubois logo) and the organization can  get its customers, members or supporters to shop and get cash back.

So an established dentist with 20,000 patients in her database can create a nice supplemental income while helping her patients save money.

Or a large mortgage brokerage firm could do the same thing.

For profit companies pay $6000 for this site.

But non-profits get it for free.

What? That’s pretty cool of them.

Now non-profits can give something back to their supporters and raise money for their cause at the same time.

Their supporters pay less for their purchases and the organizations get a donation.  Think of it like making these big retail stores give some of their outrageous profits to your cause.

So instead of saying, ” Please give us a portion of your monthly budget as a donation,” the organization can say,

“Listen, thanks for all your help over the years. Let us give you a way to save some money in your budget and the more you save, the more you help us again.”

More happy dogs.  More happy kids.  More souls fed. …

And the business associate that enrolled the partner gets paid  for all of those customers.

That Mt.Everest size heap of customers could pop up in a hurry if someone can enroll a few partners.

That alone makes this a great opportunity for the right type of person.

Whoa, whoa, not so fast….

What about the weaknesses?

For me the emphasis on the MLM-building is a negative.  The hype and the hysteria gives me hives.  I believe that hype distorts the picture and sucks in some people who maybe should sit this one out. Or maybe they should join at a lower level and work on building their customer base.

I’ve seen it over and over in this industry, people get the recruiting fever and they will say almost anything to get someone to sign up.

If anybody says that all you need to do is to make a list of your friends of family, blah blah blah.

Run away from them.


That list will get you a few free accounts and a few customers but it is not going to put you up in the Ritz-Carlton.

Instead, look for someone that has a system of getting in front of strangers and getting them to signup without ever talking to them.  Check out my case study where I did just that.  9 new customers in 9 days from two simple FB Ads…

Dubli FB Ads Results

On the left hand side you see the sign up days for my new customers.

On the right hand side you can see some of the stats from my FB ads.  I had a total of 10,716 views, $0.13 per website click for one ad and $0.43 per website click for the other.

I had a click through rate as high as 7.08%.  That means 7% of the people who saw my ad that day clicked through to my site.  That is pretty exciting.  And I have 9 new customers to show for it.

No talking. No Panera.  No meeting for coffee.  No parties.

Cool enough!

Who Should Get Involved in DubLi Network?

I’m not going to give you the standard MLM mumbo-jumbo that says it’s easy and everybody can do it.

That’s crap.

I don’t see building this belly to belly.  Slugging it out in the hotel or at Panera one customer at a time.

I do see good chances for building this online or building it using the partner program.

So if you are tied into local business owners like mortgage brokers, realtors, dentists, chiropractors or  hair salons you may have a great circle of influence to tap into.

Or if you have some friends who are connected to non-profits like children’s organizations, autism awareness, dog rescue programs, battered women or homeless shelters, churches and PTAs you might have a passionate pool of people to approach.

Almost every charity is always looking for more funding.  It seems like being able to raise money online year after year without creating an extra event or expense would be welcomed.

No more begging for money or volunteers.  No more sweating it out at a barbecue or soaking in a dunking booth for charity.

No more cookie dough deliveries after a hard day at work.

This is the part where your favorite local charities pop into you head and you say, I bet Mary over at Charity XYZ would like to hear about this.”

Send her to this site for a simple breakdown and the brochures or enter a comment at the bottom and I’ll get back to you with options.

Conversely, if you’re the type that hangs out with people who only think about themselves then you should skip it. Wait a minute, those narcissistic ninnies are probably big shoppers…they would make a good customer too…

Dubli is for Shoppers

I guess it could work for anybody as long as you have a way to reach a lot of people consistently….

How Much Does it Cost to Start with DubLi Network?

TM Level

The business license fee is $99.  And then you select one of the membership voucher packages for $495.  These packages give you 10 VIP membership vouchers or 100 Trial VIP Memberships.  You use them to build your customer base quickly r to run contests with your list.  It will cost the recipient $0.99 to activate the voucher.

The VIP Memberships are good for one year.  The trial VIP memberships are good for one month.

The total cost is $594.

You must either sell one VIP membership per month (not the vouchers) or buy one in order to remain active.

Think of this as the auto-ship that is so common in the MLM industry.

TLA Level (Team Leader Accelerator)

The Team Leader Accelerator Packages allows brand new Business Associatess and TMs the chance to become a Team Leader (TL) immediately.   The package includes the Partner Program Certification which is required to enroll partners (non-profit or for-profit) and get paid for it.  

The package also includes: 

-1 x Business Licence
-3 x Membership Package: 30 x One-year discounted V.I.P. Membership Vouchers
-2 x Membership Package: 200 x One-month discounted Trial V.I.P. Membership Vouchers
-1 x Partner Program Certification
-TLA status

Total Cost $2475

Platinum TLA

The Platinum  Team Leader Accelerator Packages allows brand new Business Associates and TMs the chance to become a Team Leader (TL) immediately and offers them a partner membership.

It is perfect for a business owner like I mentioned above.  Maybe a dentist or mortgage company who wants a Dubli Network business as well as a Partner Program Membership for their day-to-day business.

They get the TLA status to be able to enroll other businesses, non-profits and business associates and they get a Partner Program Registration and one year of Partner maintenance for only the cost of the Partner Program.

The package includes: 

-1 x Business Package 
-3 x Membership Package: 30 x discounted One-year V.I.P. Membership Vouchers 
-2 x Membership Package: 200 x discounted Trial V.I.P. Membership Vouchers 
-1 x Partner Certification (Value US$999) 
-TLA status 
-1 x Partner Program Registration Voucher (Value: US$ 6995) 
-Incl. one year FREE Partner Monthly Maintenance Fee (Value: US$ 5988)

Total cost $6000

Ask me if you need other options by leaving a comment down below.

Which Team Should You Join?

One that’s growing fast or slow? I say fast.

One that is building online or old school? I say online

One that is focused on one customer  at a time or one focused on one partner at a time? I say, go big or go home.  Spend your time talking to decision makers for large groups not just one house at a time.

If you could find a team with an online and social media system that will help you get in front of a lots of people without dragging it all over town, would you jump in?

Enter Team WUKAR.

Wake Up.  Kick Ass.  Repeat.

Dubli in Dubai Team Wukar

This is part of the team at the last meeting in Dubai.

Yes Dubai.  I know most MLMs go to Vegas for their big meeting.  Like I said, “Go big or go home!”

We go to Dubai, baby!

Having said all that, you should have a pretty good idea about DubLi network now.

I’m a TLA with DubLi Network and I’m taking the social media and nonprofit path.

I am looking for a small group of Kick-Ass types of want to help some people and get paid to do it.

I don’t have time to baby sit someone who wants to just recruit some whale and never do anything themselves.  All sizzle and no steak.

I’m looking for people who want to to work smart.  Make the right connections and open up groups of 500-1000-10,000 at once by bringing in non-profits.

Let’s make these big companies share some of  their profits with the groups who are really making an impact in our cities and communities.

Get the money into the right hands as quickly as possible.

I’ll teach you how to find your next customers on Facebook with bridge marketing and how to get your friends help you find non-profits to talk to.

I’m building a team of a select few who want to use their powers for good.

DubLi Super Chick

Help others and you will be rewarded.

If this is you then partner with me.  Hit me up in the comments, sign up for the email list, or just do it.

If you want more information before you jump in, sign up here to get it.

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