February 2014

When you know this “secret,” you’re ahead of 90% of marketers on Facebook…

The key to faster, easier, less costly success on Facebook is knowing and understanding one thing…

You will get more results with your Facebook marketing if you remember this one thing…

“People just like what they like.”

Once I really understood that, it changed everything for me and my marketing on Facebook.

Like one of the Angels on Charlie’s Angels, I’ve got the secrets that everyone wants…

Facebook-Marketing-Charlies-Angels-Style Charlie’s Angels logo property of Columbia/TRI-Star Pictures Television.

Let’s start out with a few basics…

You hear a lot of advice about establishing your own personal brand.

You tried to do it on Facebook. You build a personally branded fan page.

And. It. Goes. Nowhere.

Do you know that it takes millions and millions of dollars to create a brand?

Or it can take years and tons of work.

One thing that saved me a ton of work, time and money on Facebook was realizing a few pretty simple things like:

1. People just like what they like.
2. Don’t try to change them.
3. Make it almost a reflex for them to like your stuff.

Say it 10 times, “People just like what they like.”

The Angels go in stealth mode.  They go in character. If the gentleman prefers blondes, he get Farah.  If he likes them smart and sassy he gets, Sabrina.

So how does that translate into Facebook marketing?

Give the people what they want.

Don’t go in like a cop in uniform with your notepad…asking a bunch of questions.

Go in undercover.  Under the radar.  Keep reading to see what I mean.

Have you tried Facebook ads and got almost no clicks?

I bet the few that you got cost a fortune, like $.50 or $1.00 a piece.

I grow my pages with likes that cost me $.02 or $.03 each.

Because I make it easy for them to like my stuff – like a reflex.

Have you tried to build a fan page and you wonder why no one came?

Have you posted your best stuff from time to time and no one came?

Wanna know why?

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