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My blueprint is designed to give you more help and less hype. To create a lucrative online presence and site, you are going to need to follow a system that works and to implement a system that works on autopilot 24 hours a day. Use the blueprint to create a portable career and PCS-proof career. Don’t wait on anyone to give you a job or a scholarship or a grant. Make your own future by implementing the blueprint today.

Add Free Capture Page and Opt-In Form to Your Military Spouse Blog

Use my over-the-shoulder video down below to add a free capture page and opt-in form to your blog. So, if you followed along when I showed you how to create your own military wife blog, then you have a home base to work with.  You have an “It” from my make money online blueprint. This […]

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Earlier this year, I did not even know what a lead capture page or squeeze page was. Now I can create one in minutes that pulls in leads like a magnet using We are often greeted by capture pages throughout our web-surfing. They request some information (an email address, name and/or phone number) in […]

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Long Tail Pro Review : : Stop Chasing Your Tail

The secret to getting your content in front of the right niche (for free article marketing, free video marketing or paid campaigns) is to put your information right in front of their face.  Long Tail Pro is the  shortcut.  It is as simple as A-B-C. When people come to the internet for a solution, they […]

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A Military Wife Blog – Who Can I Help?

Look over my shoulder and listen up. I am going to show you how to create your own military wife blog so that you can make friends, help people and make money*. Because PCSing all of the time can make that hard… The proof is in the pudding, right…   It also works for the […]

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