Online Blueprint

You feel that?

That butterfly feeling in your chest or belly…

That my friend is how you know that everything is about to change…

It’s excitement and anticipation.

I am about to share with you a simple formula that seems too easy.

You are going to tap into a huge base of people who are ready to buy.

Credit card in hand.

Paypal account is locked and loaded.

All you have to do is show up with what they’re looking for.

And you’ll have a sale. You’ll make money.

And you won’t have to wrap it, box it up and haul it to the UPS Store.

It’s all done on the computer and someone else does the heavy lifting. Literally.

A hands-free transaction.

And you make money.

And if you want to show someone else how to do it and build a team, I’ll give you my blue print for that too.

And once you follow my blueprint, you will have a lead-generating, sales-converting, customer-training, business builder-coaching, demonstrating machine.

You’re gonna feel so powerful, like a super-chick with her pet lion.

Love that song…Get’s me pumped up everytime!

If you haven’t already started with me, I’ talking about DSD. Check my detailed review first…

Then click here to see how to partner with me inside DSD.

DSD is the best of both worlds…

In the world where you don’t have to recruit to make money – you can actually just implement the training and make money.  That is a killer idea!

And in the world where you might want to recruit a team – low start-up costs, they make money right away, a monthly recurring commission, they can upgrade when they are ready and then a high-ticket item on the top-end that is really worth every penny.

So you partner with me in DSD, I teach you how to market it and make money using a sexy blog like mine or you join me in DSD and I teach you how to make awesome money online without sponsoring a soul.

Either way, you get to bring in the type of money that’ll make the mean girl’s eyes go “POW.”

And that’s what we all want, right.  I do.

Maybe you want a few other things like:

  •  working in your PJs (from anywhere in the world)
  • telling that bitter boss to kiss your a$$
  • put an end to driving all over town to a party with 2 guests
  • no more chasing, dragging, begging
  • no more lists of friends and family
  • a business where you don’t lose all your customers everytime you move
  • no three-way calls

And I wanted one last thing…

To know that someone had my back.  That I wouldn’t be all alone out here on the internet trying to tell the good guys from the bad guys.

I’ve got you covered.  You get all that and more when you partner with me.

 All you need the know now is what to do after your join.
That’s where this blueprint comes in.
So what is it going to take to make this happen?

This video is going to walk you through my Online Blueprint.  

I explain each tool and why you need it…

Then I give you step-by-step instructional videos follow.  You’ll be roaring  rolling in no time.


Niquelle Wright’s Online BluePrint

Day 1:  Overview (Start at the top of this post)

Day 2:  Who can you help with your military wife blog?

Day 3:   Scoop up a Cool Domain Name

Day 4:  Set Up Your Navy Wife Blog and Email Management System (Auto-Responder)

Day 5:  What to Blog About (with Keywords Sprinkled on Top)

Day 6:  Blogging Tips: On-Page Optimization

Day 7:  Youtubia: How to Generate Leads Online Fast and Free

Day 8:  YouTube SEO tips and Tricks

Day 9:  Where to Find Free Legal Images and Make Them Pop!

Day 10:  Make a Custom 404 Error Page that Sucks Up Leads

Day 11:  Guest Posting 101

I spent most of this page answering questions that you might have.

I would love to have YOU answer just a few questions.

When you decide to work with me, we’ll have a coaching call to work out your game plan.

And talk about your answers then.

1.  What is it that you really want?

If you are going to have any chance whatsoever at getting what you want, you need to be really clear about it.

And have the tenacity of a 2-year old about getting it.

Like Honey Boo Boo wants here next ice cream cone and sequined dress!

I am absolutely here to help you but you have got to want it.

2.  How much time are you willing to invest each day in making this happen?

It is not a full-time type thing but it does depend on how much you already know and how big your goals are.

3.  Do you have any experience as an entrepreneur?

It helps but is not required.  All I ask is that you approach this with a bull-dog mentality and let’s make it happen.

4.  Are you ready?  Then buckle up and let’s do it.

Go here to partner with me.

I am going showing things that I like, that work.  They’re not super sexy but the income is.

There are plenty of ways to build this online thing.

To see more of my stuff, up close and personal, sent directly to your email, enter it here:

Let’s roar roll.

It’s corny, but I love that song!

Just chillin’ with my lion…,

Niquelle Wright

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