Look over my shoulder and listen up. I am going to show you how to create your own military wife blog so that you can make friends, help people and make money*.

Because PCSing all of the time can make that hard…

The proof is in the pudding, right…


It also works for the newbie (like I was). And also gets results within a company full on online entrepreneurs known as Empower Network.


If you like the thrill of learning, doing and succeeding, let’s get started.

You probably have a few questions.

What is a blog?  Why should I have one?

A blog is a way to establish an online presence without paying a webmaster or web designer.

It is simple to add more pages, videos and images without knowing how to write code.

Customize it to reflect your personality and to appeal to your target market (more on that later).

People blog (write content, write articles, shoot videos) about many different topics.

Create an informative military wife blog.  Or create one that is purely for entertainment.

Or use it to chronicle your travels.

Decide based on your passions and goals and your target audience.

Peeps are  encouraged to blog daily.  Blog daily.  Blog. Daily. Consistency is one key to having your site rank well.

Consistent blogging also helps to develop your voice and focus.  So in the beginning, blog daily and when you have established a habit and your voice, you can blog less often.

It is also great for developing a habit.  We have all heard that it takes at least 21 straight days to develop a habit…

So that guidance for starting a military wife blog is sound.  The next question then becomes:

What should I blog about?

Some people say current events, celebrities, news events, youtube videos, crazy cat costumes, whatever floats your boat on a particular day.

And because it might rank quickly and get some of traffic.

That seems awkward and uncertain.

You have specific goals and the visitors to your blog should be closely aligned with those goals.

It might generate  some traffic and some leads and maybe a sale here and there but it seems confusing to the author and the reader.

One topic caught their attention.  And then you start offering recipes, editorials on Miley Cyrus, product reviews and funny cat videos.

It just seems sporadic and inconsistent.  Google will think so too.

If you ARE found for these terms, do you really think that someone who is looking for the recipe to the best Lemon Meringue pie is ready to stop baking and start an online business or buy the product that you are selling.

They. Are. Not.

So what’s a better approach?  Answer this next question and you are on your way.

Who can I help with my military wife blog?

Figure out who your target market is first.  What are you really awesome at?  What do you have to bring to the table? And  who can you best serve with the know-how that you have?

This target market is a group of people with real challenges and lives.  You understand them.  You can speak their language.  When you speak to them, they recognize you.  They will feel at home because they believe that you understand their problems.  And you do.

It takes less of these specific people to move your online business forward because they will readily identify with you.

You will quickly be on your way to know you. Like you. Trust you. Listen to You.  Buy from you.

Then market to them.  Only them.

(In SEO terms, keep the theme (topics discussed) tightly related to your target. )

So this blog is to the teach the military wife who is struggling to find a portable career or a portable source of income, professional fulfillment and an awesome support network.   We still want those things even if we have to juggle PCSing, deployments and detachments.

How do you find the people who will identify with you and are most likely to buy?

Create a blog that speaks directly to them – you will not market successfully to everyone.  So don’t try.

Use the right words and phrases to attract them to your product, service or advice.

How do I know what niche to target my military wife blog towards?

Select a niche that is large enough to give your site a good flow of traffic and leads.

Select a niche that is not so broad so that it is generic but not so narrow that it only applies to 3 other people in the world.

The first test is the Google “Instant” feature.  When you type in a few characters, Google offers a autofill for you.

Perhaps you are a military wife but you are also a teacher. Or you love golf.  Or you love animals.

Make sure that the target niche will be interested in purchasing your product or reading your content.

If you are selling a product, we call these “buyer keywords.”

In this example, I am going to act as if I am attempting to sell my online marketing educational products (from Empower Network).

In this case, my target audience is teachers who want to make more money or who want to make money online or who want for flexibility because they might be required to relocate often.

So, if you type in  “make more money as a teacher” or “portable careers choices for teachers”

Google fills in with suggestions after “portable careers choices for …” and teachers may appear on the list.

So now you can uses some of the keyword memory-joggers (that I provided in this post about a simple recipe for online success) to come up with some great search terms like:

… how to make more money as a teacher
… making more money as a teacher
… earning more money as a teacher
… highest paid careers for teacher
… make more money from home as a teacher
… good portable careers for teacher
… best portable careers for teacher

(If you want to know more specifics about the traffic and competition for your phrases you can install SEO Quake  to your browser (it is free) or you can use a paid keyword tool like LongTail Pro Platinum.  Check out my review of it here.)

Narrow down who you will be talking to.  As if it is one person.  Talk directly to her. Or him.

In all of your content and all of your emails.

What is she looking for on the internet?

What kind of problems does she have that you can fix?

For me, the angle is

“Hey, here’s what I’m doing to build an awesome career and creating income that continues even when we move every couple of years.”

“I hated waiting for someone to give me a job.  I will make my own future online.”

Then communicate the benefits, overcome the objections, show proof it works.

“It doesn’t require another special degree.

I can earn money as I learn more.

I started will just a tiny investment of $25 per month for the viral blogging platform and added $19.95 per month for the affiliate fees (so that I could earn 50-80% of the commissions).

I ramped up as I was ready to learn more and more.

It works with my crazy schedule and I made $4,025 in sales even when I was moving across country with 1 husband, 2 kids, 3 cars, and 17,000 pounds of household goods!

If it sounds like something you’d be interested in, join my team and I’ll coach you for free.”

That’s how this works.

So now I am not peddling a product to anyone within 3 feet of me.  I have lots in common with my readers and I have instant credibility.

After 9 moves in 18 years, I am a authority on moving and I have tried almost everything to build a career that I could be proud of and to make real money.

I don’t feel salesy and neither does the scenario since I am showing other spouses what I have managed to do to improve my lifestyle and my attitude.

Now, I have a group of peeps that can relate.  I have a message that I can share.  Just one remaining question.

How will the peeps see my military wife blog content?

The short answer is, “You put it where they are looking for it.”

You create awesome stuff that people want to read, watch or listen to.

Peeps are constantly surfing the internet looking for what they need.  They might use Google or Pinterest or YouTube or maybe they read certain blogs or publications already.

Post your content in those places so that the peeps can see you.

I will show you how to do that too. In my online blueprint that is being developed.  But here is a quick video that proves I can make it happen.  This JUST happened…


I cannot stress enough how important it is to a solid understanding of who you are talking  (marketing) to and what problems you can solve for them.

So don’t just glaze over it.  Really get quiet and spend the time to figure out what your special sauce is and who is looking for that in the marketplace.  Then give it to them.

Enough already.

Let’s move on, take the first step and buy your targeted domain for your military wife blog.

See where we are headed in the Take It Online Blueprint

* I cannot and I am not promising that you will make any friends or money.

I do not know if you will put in the work that it takes to achieve any results at all.

See the EN Income Disclosure here.

You can obviously see that if I ranked in the top 1% of the contest, that my results are not average.

But if you are not average either, then this might be something for you to sink your teeth into…then partner with me here.