Life Lessons of a Military Wife on a Cross Country Move

Are you overwhelmed by the checklist that you work through from day to day.

Step back and look at what is really happening inside and around you.

Every hurdle makes you stronger and more capable.  Every situation makes you realize that you can do more than you ever thought.

Embrace the changes and make the most of each moment.

The life lessons of a military wife are as varied and unique as each warrior and each wife.

If I am any example, the lessons might change every two or three years.  Because as a military wife, we get the joy and the stress of creating a new life every two or three years.

Every PCS gives us the chance to toss out the junk (literally and figuratively).  We can clean out the people, jobs, doctors, houses and neighbors that no longer serve us.

But after just a few months in a new city, we have filled up our lives and ourselves with new friends, favorite places and people.

Take our recent cross country move…

We needed to have the Change of Command Ceremony, pack out, drive across country and get the kids to California in time to start year-around school in 11 days.

Piece of cake!

We started in Patuxent River, MD and we loaded up the trucks and drove to San Diego.

Husband, wife, father-in-law, 2 kids, 3 vehicles and 17,000 pounds of stuff!  Whew!

Every day we saw new things, stayed at a different hotel and enjoyed different food (the calories on a road-trip don’t count, right?)

It could have been a stressful time.  But instead, we viewed every challenge as something to share with others.  It makes for a cool blog, cool pics and a good laugh of two.

Life Lessons of a military wife


Life Lesson of a Military Wife #1

Don’t Even Think About Trying To Do It All Yourself

We are all wonderfully capable, wonderfully strong, and exceptionally smart and determined.

In many ways, we are Wonder Woman.  That is why I love the image on the top of this blog so much.

But that doesn’t mean that we can’t get some support sometimes.

Even Wonder Woman hung out with the Super Friends.  So I encourage you to find your circle of Super Friends.

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Life Lesson of a Military Wife #2

Don’t Even Think About Trying To Do It All Yourself

I spent the first few years as a military wife believing that I could do it all myself.

But after 9 moves, 5 deployments and 2 kids, I really appreciate it when I can get a head-start by looking over someone’s shoulder or better yet, investing in something that is already made for me.

I bought a bread machine.  I shared driving duties with other Moms.  There are lots of shortcuts around us.  Try one or two today.

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Life Lesson of a Military Wife #3

You guessed it!

Don’t Even Think About Trying To Do It All Yourself

On our cross-country trip, we knew that we had a lot to do and a lot of miles to cover.

We got help every step of the way.

We paid a cleaning service when we emptied out the house.  It was the best money I ever spent because I was still crazy busy the last 2 days without having to clean the house for 8 or 12 hours.

We used the packers.

We invited our father-in-law along to help us drive and enjoy time with grand-kids.

We had them unpack some of the stuff when they delivered.

All of these resources were right there.

We could have easily said no thank you, but we chose to embrace the help that was around us.

We decided to accept some help.

We decided to use expertise and experience and to focus on the parts that only we could do.

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life lessons as a military wife

The life lessons of a military wife can apply to many different situations.

You don’t have to be married to a warrior to feel some of the same pressure and anxiety.

Or to benefit from the same life lessons of a military wife.

You might be a longshoreman’s wife or a traveling salesman’s wife or a truck driver’s wife or a professional athlete’s wife.

Or just a wife or girlfriend.

We all have a few battle scars.

We all need someone to talk too who understands us.

We all need some support now and then.

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A warrior’s wife and a warrior wife,

Niquelle Wright