Use my over-the-shoulder video down below to add a free capture page and opt-in form to your blog.

So, if you followed along when I showed you how to create your own military wife blog, then you have a home base to work with.  You have an “It” from my make money online blueprint.

This is where the peeps who need your help will get information.  But we also need something from them…

Their contact information.

So that we can stay in contact with them.  We don’t have to just wait until they decide to visit our site again.

In fact, we can send them teasers that makes them want to visit again.

free capture page

We are going to solve more problems for them.

The squeaky wheel goes where the oil is, right.

I know I messed that up but you get my point.

Let your blog be their neighborhood urgent care facility.

So how do we get their information?

We create a “free capture page” or  squeeze page or landing page.

We intend to do one thing on this page — get the visitor to enter a legitimate email address.

Getting a quick sale is good but getting their contact info is better because multiple commissions over a lifetime are better.

Getting comments, likes, shares, interaction…all that will come in other places.  But right now we are focused on getting their information so that we can followup with value-added emails.

I am going to show you a couple of options that I for capture pages but first, I am going to show you how to get started with a free capture page (if you have followed my step by step instructions and created your own wordpress blog with the Thesis theme) using the Aweber email management account that we already created.

What is the strategy for capturing leads?

  • Have one or two chances to opt in on each page or post on your entire site
  • Make clear, commands to your blog followers to opt-in. No washy-washy language.
  • Offer them a unique, problem-solving, ethical bribe in exchange for their email address
    ( I usually only ask for email address because conversions drop when I ask for more information – don’t ask for too much on the first date…)
  • Experiment and test – create different pages, opt-in boxes, headlines, images, etc.

One of my mentors suggests that the best opt-in conversions come when adding an opt-in box somewhere in the post, at the end of each post or using a squeeze page and creating multiple links to that page from every other page and post on the blog.

You will notice that I have a sidebar opt-in form on every post, a squeeze page and a couple of calls to action to send my readers to the squeeze page.

I want my readers to read my content, find the answer they came for and opt-in to my list.

I use my content, videos and emails to answer the questions and overcome “silent”objections.

So, if you are convinced that you need to build a list, let’s get started.

Opt-in Form

Creating an opt-in form on Aweber is super easy.

If you haven’t set up Aweber yet, get it for $1 for the first month through my partner link here

Then follow me in this video as I show you how to create a list, create a opt-in form, and how to bring it over to your blog.

Experiment, have fun.  See what looks fabulous and figure out what converts the best for your target audience.  Turn those blog readers into actual leads and people who want to hear from you.

As you saw in the video, you can add the opt-in form to your sidebar by going to your WordPress dashboard, locating “Appearance,” then “Widgets”…

…then drag and drop a “Text” box over to the sidebar.

Copy the JavaScript snippet code from Aweber and paste it into the text box, hit save, refresh your blog and check it out.

When you use the JavaScript snippet, you can tweak the opt-in form in Aweber and it automatically adjusts the box on your blog…cool.

Remember to adjust the width so that the opt-in box fits neatly on the sidebar.

Done.  You have just created a free opt-in form for your blog.

Next up, a free capture page

Free Capture Page

If you don’t have it yet, download the Thesis theme from my partner link here.  As a bonus, I will show you how to customize your blog like I have done here.

Once you have that theme installed, look over my shoulder as I show you how to create a cool free capture page right on your blog.

When the leads start pouring in, you are going to want to know where they are coming from.

So you can do more of THAT and less of the stuff that is not working…feel me.

Using Aweber, it’s a cinch.

Here’s what to do to track your leads.

Want to make your capture page even sleeker?  Check out this article.

Want to make a capture page specifically in Facebook ( that also gets likes for your business page) without needing a blog?  Look at this nifty Facebook app for creating landing pages in Facebook.

Want to make a range of capture pages and track conversions quickly?  Check out this program that makes awesome landing pages by Clay Collins.

Cue the music…

Your online marketing system that will operate on autopilot pulling in leads and making sales is complete.

We selected our target market, built the blog, set up the email management and created a free lead capture page.  Now, we just need to add some content that solves problems, drive traffic to the blog and let this system do its thing.

Bookmark this blog so you can check back for future posts that cover all of that. Or enter your email address here to get updates fresh of the presses…

Leave your questions, comments or input down below.

Let’s take this baby out for a spin,

Niquelle Wright

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