After figuring out who you can help with your army wife or navy wife blog, the next step is to lock down the perfect domain and branding for the site.

Finding cool domain names that are also available on other platforms and for social media accounts can be a tedious task.  Follow my quick video tutorial to do it fast.

It is all about having the right tools.

How to Find Cool Domain Names

Brainstorm ideas

  • Keep your target market in mind:  who, where, what they like
  • Consider their problems:  need to lose weight, need more sleep, etc.
  • Consider potential solutions:  product names, weight loss shakes,
  • Consider their goals:  quick weight loss, better sleep, natural remedies, etc
  • Brand yourself:  your name, your business name

Use this site, to help with the brainstorming.

Once you come up with some choices for cool domain names, you will want to see if it is available on other platforms.

It is awesome to have the same branding on sites like YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

Check domain availability on up to 157 different sites and services with these free tools.

Watch out for a few things

  • Some sites may suggest that you get super-creative.  Remember that people are used to thinking about just a few common suffixes like .com, .net and .org.  Even selecting .net might result in a lot of traffic going to the wrong site if people unconsciously type in the wrong address.
  • Avoid really long names
  • Avoid getting really creative with the spelling
  • Avoid hyphens if possible
  • Avoid some of the mistakes that these people made

Once you have selected your the winner from your list of cool domain names, you are ready to head over to purchase it and secure hosting.  Keep reading to find out how to purchase hosting and the domain at the same time.  It will save you some time…

Purchasing and Hosting Your Cool Domain Names

I have tried a few companies and a couple of cost-efficient and low hassle options are HostGator and GoDaddy.

HostGator has awesome 24/7 customer service, reliable service, month to month payment options and a Quick WordPress Install button.

I can help you get a 25% discount off your entire order with HostGator if you click this link and use “wowpowerhg” when it asks for the coupon code.

After clicking my link, a new window will open with the HostGator home page.

Click “View Hosting Plans” next on the screen that looks like this:

military wife blog - view hosting plans

Select which plan (Hatching, Baby or Business).  Baby will give you the opportunity to add more domains later if you decide to build more blogs.

Click on the “Order Now” button and you’ll go at the following screen:

cool domain names from hostgator

If you have a previously purchased domain, click the button on the right.  If not, enter your cool domain name on the left and you can purchase it (and hosting) from HostGator.

(Note: These are the steps if you are creating your own self-hosted blog for ultimate control.  If you plan to start with the Empower blog then just purchase the domain and hold tight.  Check out this post to map your unique domain and rock the Empower blog.)

When you purchase the domain and hosting simultaneously from the same company, it will save you a little time because won’t have to wait for it to transfer from another company.

Remember to enter “wowpowerhg” in the coupon code to get 25% off everything.

Then enter the billing information and select your billing cycle.  You save money if you select a longer term.

Then select a username, security pin (save this pin!), make sure that you are getting your 25% discount and agree to the terms and conditions and create your account.

Woohoo! You are the proud owner of your very own targeted domain!  You are one step closer to having your very own military wife blog.

The next step is to install the blog on your hosted domain.

Leave any questions down in the comments and I will hit you back.

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Gettin’ it Done,

Niquelle Wright