The 3 most common mistakes made during the military spouse job search are going to surprise you.

The surprise comes from the fact that these mistakes are so common and are often considered part of the conventional wisdom.

Check out the video here – pay close attention.  Sidestepping these could save you years and tons of money!


Everybody is doing it.  What could possibly be wrong with that?

There are a lot of things that “everyone is doing” that just seem wrong.

Number 1

The Christian Science Monitor reports stats by the EBRI that show that only half of American households could come up with $2,000 cash in a pinch.

Number 2

They also say that 57 percent of Americans report having less than $25,000 in household savings and investments (excluding their home and pension benefits).

Number 3

College graduates in 2012 owed an average of $28,720 in student loans.  And 53% of them are either unemployed or unable to find full-time employment.  They also believe that they really need a graduate level degree (aka. more loans) to be more competitive.

Number 4

The Huffington Post shares a PNC Bank report that says that the average debt burden of twenty-somethings is $45,000.


So when we see what most people are doing, we should probably head the other way.


Avoid these 3 common military spouse job search mistakes.

  1. Starting a degree program that you won’t have time to finish before the next move.
  2. Pursuing degrees that require individual state certifications and licenses.
  3. Settling for “good-enough” but un-fulfilling jobs at every duty station


military spouse job search 1

Use this checklist to look for the perfect fit in your next military spouse job search.

  1. Home-based business with a significant online component.
  2. Select a business where the product delivery and customer service is done-for-you (by the company).
  3. Select a business where the training is available online and in modules.
  4. Select a business where you have the chance to earn money as you learn each module.
  5. Select a business where you do not have to tell, chase or drag firends, family and neighbors.
  6. Select a business where you can make it work in the US and while overseas.
  7. Select a business with low overhead, high margins and ideally, with high-end product attached.

Check out some other ideas for the best jobs for military spouses in 2013 here.

military spouse job search checklist

Take yourself out of the next military spouse job search situation.  Make the next PCS stress-free (at least regarding find a job!)

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