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Hey, I'm Niquelle. I am a Navy wife of 18 years, 8 PCSes and 5 deployments.

I teach military spouses how to make money online from home without the struggle, confusion or false starts.

It's time to let the world know that we are not just "military spouses" or "military wives" or "dependents". Watch as I go to six-figures in 2014 on the internet. You're welcome to join me ya' know. Don't just spectate, participate…

Did I mention that I can PCS anywhere and the money won't stop? No more resumes, no more home parties, 3-way calls, selling to friends and family, no waiting for someone to GIVE me a job. A completely portable career of my own.

Being an Empowered Spouse is my mission. Empower Network is my vehicle. Blogging and Facebook are my thing.

Check out my most recent posts below or use the sidebar to find exactly what you need.  Then take action. 

Less hype. More help.

Niquelle Wright

Online Schools for Military Spouses :: Flexibility or Frustration

Looking for online schools for military spouses because you want something that works with your schedule, more career flexibility, more earning potential, and the satisfaction of finishing what you started? Looking for  online schools for military spouses because you know that a PCS could wreck your plans to complete the degree at a traditional college? […]

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Cool Domain Names :: Find ‘Em Fast

After figuring out who you can help with your army wife or navy wife blog, the next step is to lock down the perfect domain and branding for the site. Finding cool domain names that are also available on other platforms and for social media accounts can be a tedious task.  Follow my quick video […]

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How to Generate Leads Online :: Free, Fast and Ultra-Targeted

Knowing how to generate leads online can mean the difference between a thriving business and one that just squeaks by.  Apply the tips in these videos to learn just one easy, free way to generate free leads online on autopilot.  If you have been following my Take It Online Blueprint, then you have a good […]

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How To Track Leads :: Amateur to Pro Marketer in Minutes

Check out the quick tutorial video down below.  Step-by-step instructions on how to track leads. “When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates.” by Thomas S. Monson Are you making this mistake? Are you spending money on banner ads or solo ads or Facebook ads? […]

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Add Free Capture Page and Opt-In Form to Your Military Spouse Blog

Use my over-the-shoulder video down below to add a free capture page and opt-in form to your blog. So, if you followed along when I showed you how to create your own military wife blog, then you have a home base to work with.  You have an “It” from my make money online blueprint. This […]

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How to Make a Google Hangout : And Make ’em Love You

Wanna get in front of your list or followers in person? Wanna make ’em love you? Use this guide – How To Make a Google Hangout – to make them fall madly in love with you. Do you use Google+ hangouts for your marketing yet? You should. It can really help your business.  You create a […]

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Leadpages.net Review : : Clay Collins Hits a Home Run

Earlier this year, I did not even know what a lead capture page or squeeze page was. Now I can create one in minutes that pulls in leads like a magnet using Leadpages.net. We are often greeted by capture pages throughout our web-surfing. They request some information (an email address, name and/or phone number) in […]

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