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Hey, I'm Niquelle. I am a Navy wife of 18 years, 8 PCSes and 5 deployments.

I teach military spouses how to make money online from home without the struggle, confusion or false starts.

It's time to let the world know that we are not just "military spouses" or "military wives" or "dependents". Watch as I go to six-figures in 2014 on the internet. You're welcome to join me ya' know. Don't just spectate, participate…

Did I mention that I can PCS anywhere and the money won't stop? No more resumes, no more home parties, 3-way calls, selling to friends and family, no waiting for someone to GIVE me a job. A completely portable career of my own.

Being an Empowered Spouse is my mission. Empower Network is my vehicle. Blogging and Facebook are my thing.

Check out my most recent posts below or use the sidebar to find exactly what you need.  Then take action. 

Less hype. More help.

Niquelle Wright

High Paying Affiliate Programs : Want a Beater or a Benzo?

You wanna make money? You want the kind that jingles or the kind that folds? Building a stash this year?  Once and for all? You’re going somewhere in 2014. You wanna get there in a beater or a Benzo? Photo Credit: David Coyne Photography If you want to stack paper instead of rolling coins, you’re […]

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How to Make a Custom 404 Error Page in WordPress

If your 404 error page in WordPress still looks like this: Then your site or blog is leaking traffic, leads and money. It’s time to plug the leaky holes and run this thing like it is a real business. Keep reading and watch the video down below as I walk through the play-by-play of how […]

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Who Else Wants Free Legal Images?

By now, you should have used my online blueprint to select a great niche, find targeted buyer keywords, set up your blog and started writing your first killer content using these ninja blogging tricks.  After you have nailed the content,  you just need a couple of attention-grabbing, drive-the-point-home free legal images. So, are you gonna’ […]

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Killer Blogging Tricks – Keep It Tight Like Spanx

So you want to learn to blog like the big kids…And rake in some money online. You’re gonna have to get a coach, step up your game, and put in the reps. Follow these killer blogging tricks. Keep Your Content Tight – Like Spanx Remember the people who need your help-your target audience. Get laser-focused […]

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Here’s a Quick Way to Make Pics that Pop

Now you can make images that pop off the page without spending a penny. Have you ever wondered how to get rid of an ugly background on the perfect image? Have you wondered how to add cool frames and text to images? Wanna make a collage with some great photos like on  this blog. Would you […]

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Start Your Own Navy Wife Blog

I’ve explained in the online blueprint that you need a “home base” for your online presence. In fact, your home base might be your navy wife blog,  your personal Facebook profile or a fan page, your YouTube channel, or some other social media account or asset. By the way, you don’t have to be a […]

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Email Management Strategy Using Aweber

A solid email management strategy will set you apart from all of the other me-too marketers on the Internet.  Stand-out with great content and value and win the battle of the inbox. Why should I build a  email list? Building a list is crucial for internet marketers who are interested in a longer term relationship […]

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